Toyota Prius c Boasts Incredible Safety Features

The Toyota Prius c not only provides you with an economical ride, it also has an abundance of safety features that will ensure you're protected. Using a built-in camera and laser, you can be alerted to any vehicles or pedestrians that are in your way. If you don't react and brake, the car applies the brakes for you to reduce or avoid an impact.

The car also comes equipped with Lane Departure Alerts to avoid collisions when changing lanes by alerting you to the presence of a vehicle in your blind spot. Automatic high beans help increase visibility at night, without you having to think about switching on and off the high beams to avoid blinding incoming drivers.

Keep yourself safe on the road with the incredible Toyota Prius c. Check out the car for yourself by visiting John Harvey Toyota. Take a test drive and learn more about its many other impressive features.



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